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What to look for in a Security Company

Finding a security company in South Africa need not be difficult. Security services abound in this country. Every suburb or area has a security firm or two that can be hired to take care of your family, your possessions and your business.

Ways to Find a Good Firm
First of all, use word of mouth. Ask neighbours and fellow business people about their experiences with various security firms. Soon one will suggest itself as being above average and you might have found the right firm for you.
You can also use the internet, the Yellow Pages, various security publications and your local press to track down various security firms. Make a list and start shopping around.

See How They Quote
A security firm that arrives on time for an appointment, listens to your concerns and delivers a quotation rapidly that meets your requirements and specifications is probably going to do a great job of quick armed response as well. Get a number of quotations from several firms. Do not pay too much attention to price differentials at this stage.

Ensure the Security Company Suits You
You will be quite intimately acquainted with the security firm’s personnel, so make sure the security firm you select fits in with your world view. For instance, if you prefer a discreet approach to security, you may not want to have armed heavies in huge Hummers parading past your property.

Fear or Subtlety
Some security firms concentrate on instilling fear into would be intruders, while others rely on technology and can advise on the best combination of alarm and other access control devices for your home and business.

Make a Shortlist
Once you have zeroed in on a couple of firms, discard those that are too pricey. If one really appeals to you but is excessively expensive, ask for an altered quotation on some other basis. You may be surprised to find that you can afford the firm after all.

Research the Firm
Research your favoured firm’s website online. Make an effort to call any security association that the firm claims to belong to just to make sure they are in good standing with the association. You can also get a list of references from the firm you have chosen. Take the trouble to make some calls.

Make a Decision
Once you are familiar with the image and performance of the company, make sure you understand exactly what they are offering. Take a long look at the service contract they ask you to sign. A good security company usually has a good contract.
Let your lawyer take a look at it as well. Try and get an escape clause included, so that if the firm does not deliver on its promises, or the equipment they install is inadequate, and they do not act on their guarantee promises you will be able to terminate the contract without prejudice.

Continual Review
Your security, the security of your loved ones and your property is at stake. Review the performance of the security company every month. Demand service where you believe it is lacking, and if you have no success, then do not hesitate to switch firms.



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